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Mr S K Negi

Mr S K Negi, Managing Director, Gujarat Energy Transmission Corporation Ltd. (GETCO) and Shri B J Bhatt, District Development Officer (DDO), Gandhinagar, helped us in the very initial stages and without their support the Trust would not have formed at all


Dr Kalpana Kothari

Dr Kalpana Kothari and Dr D G Vijay accompanied us to various places for awareness presentations. All the doctors of Astha Oncology Centre, Ahmadabad have acknowledged our work and supported us whole heartedly.


The presentations in Schools

The presentations in Schools like Anand Niketan, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Arya Vidya Mandir, Mumbai, Riverside School etc followed.


Bookmarks on Signs

Bookmarks on Signs and Symptoms of breast cancer as well as Breast Self Examination were distributed to all, in handmade paper bags.


Rtn. Kapil Bhavsar

Rtn. Kapil Bhavsar, Prahladnagar, Ahmedabad supported us by organizing awareness presentation along with fund raising event for his club, jointly with other rotary clubs. He helped us get into partnership with Rotary Club of Ahmedabad, Elite


Ms Reena Vihul

Ms Reena Vihul, Manager, State Bank of India, PDPU, Raisan, Gandhinagar has been highly supportive at the times of need


Literature was translated into Gujarati

Literature was translated into Gujarati by Ms Sushila Rathod of PDPU. It was widely distributed to women at many places in Gujarat


Presently RACE

Presently RACE works from Gandhinagar, Mumbai and Delhi and has about 40 members and 5 medical advisors


RACE members do not get paid

RACE members do not get paid, they work as per their own timings and skill


Screening camps

Screening camps have been held at Gandhinagar and Delhi


Mr Aditya Sarabhai

Mr Aditya Sarabhai encouraged us to invite us to speak to his women staff at Scientific Diagnostic Centre, Ahmedabad on 17th May, 2012. He also bought the book on awareness of breast cancer written by Dr Rita Banik: Kick the Beast out of your Life, for all his female staff members. On that day he announced free screening tests for his employees.

May 2012

Leigh Park

In October 2012 Leigh Park, Brisbane, Australia organized a tea party with Dragon Abreast Australia Club, Brisbane, Australia for discussions on steps to be taken in India for breast cancer. She also extended monetary support in the form of Annual Donation to the Trust in memory of her sister (Late) Kay Ellis

October 2012

RACE in partnership with Soul Square

In February 2013, RACE in partnership with Soul Square, Ahmedabad, formed a group known as Survival, Strength and Support: A Coalition (SSS)

February 2013

World Cancer Day

SSS celebrated the World Cancer Day (4th February 2013) by a Walk to spread awareness. It was followed by a Group Discussion on Myths about cancer

February 2013

The first patient RACE

The first patient RACE financed partially for treatment is Ms Tasneem Shaikh from Mumbai

March 2013

1st Volunteer Training Workshop

1st Volunteer Training Workshop was held in January 2014, at Gandhinagar, it was conducted by Ms Sushmita Mitra of CPAA, Mumbai

January 2014

2nd Volunteer Training Workshop

2nd Volunteer Training Workshop was held in April 2014 at Gandhinagar, conducted by Dr Rita Banik and Rosemary Kelly (Certified Laughing Lymphercise Instructor and Trainer, Ontario, Canada)

April 2014

World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day 31St May 2014 celebrated in Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University, Gandhinagar jointly with Women*s Cell, PDPU for the housekeeping and supporting staff of the University. Presentation given by Sushila Rathod, member of RACE.

May 2014

RACE joined CACI

RACE joined CACI (Cancer Care India) as its 37th member in May 2014

May 2014

First Fund Raising Event

First Fund Raising Event was held in Mumbai on 1st October, 2016 – Musical Concert by the group Saptasur – live musical concert by Gynecologists

October 2016

Chopper Joy Ride

Chopper Joy Ride organized for cancer patients with Pawan Hans, Santa Cruz (W), Mumbai on 18th October 2016

October 2016