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Tasneem Shaikh

Great opportunity to live again!!!

Its cancer…. just could not believe my eyes when I saw my report. When my tissue was sent for biopsy I assumed it would just be a normal fibroid but FNAC confirmed it to be the deadliest cancer. In March 2013 I was diagnosed positive for breast cancer. Initially I thought that my end was near because I had seen cancer only as a death sentence in my family – for my father and grandmother both died of stomach cancer. The most important reason for such negative thoughts was that we could not afford the expensive treatment of cancer. For me and my husband it seemed impossible to manage the funds. Yet Asif did not leave any stone unturned to get surgery and chemotherapy at concessional rates. I got a breast conservative surgery done followed by chemotherapy, with one more to go. Due to severe thrombosis on my hand had to undergo another surgery for a chemo port. After three weeks from the last chemo I will have to take radiotherapy.

God has his own plans. Now I have made up my mind to fight the disease, with a strong will power to live a healthy life in future. I feel lucky to have real good friends around who helped me a lot. My doctors: Dr Kamran Khan and Dr Adwaita Gore were very kind and helpful. My friend Rajeeta introduced me to Rita ma’am, who came forward to finance my treatment (Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy) through her Charitable Trust – RACE to rein-in-cancer. She has inspired me a lot. RACE to rein-in-cancer has come as a savior of my life at the right time! I am sincerely grateful to RACE for this timely support.I feel fortunate to have a husband like Asif, who stands by my side at all times. He has always been there for me in toughest situations.

First Financial Aid by RACE was extended to Ms Tasneem Shaikh (Age 37 yrs) of Mumbai for her treatment of breast cancer in 2013.

Tasneem Shaikh, 37 years old, from Mumbra, was referred to us by Ms Rajeeta Vishwakarma for financial support. I met her husband and learned about the large number of difficulties faced by the young couple not only for Tasneem’s treatment but also in their day to day living. At that timeRACE to rein-in-cancer was hardly few months old as a registered body, with very limited resources. Fortunately, we got good response and were able to collect good donation for her treatment. Tasneem went through the treatment and recovered in no time. She attended our volunteer training workshop at Gandhinagar and also became a member of RACE.

We wish Tasneem a healthy and prosperous life ahead! - Rita Banik

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Great opportunity to live again!!!

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